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We heartily thank you for visiting our website.

Samyang Comtech has been striving for over 50 years with a concentrated mind for improvement of defense product, to contribute to independent national defense capability since establishment in 1962.
We have been devoting our selves to production which complete the values like increased protection and survivability in battleground.

Specially we are providing the world top armor solutions to improve protection of land vehicles and personal armor by cutting edge material and production method in order to deal with enemy’s threats. We’ve also experienced to join the foreign development project of MBT due to the technologies.

In the field of composite aviation parts, we are realizing the customer satisfaction by on time production and delivery of fixed wing and rotor parts meeting the quality requirements from total system manufacturers.

We will devote to high quality production for continuous R&D and customer satisfaction on the basis of the achievement by now. Thanks.

Message of Jong il Kim 삼양컴텍 대표이사 김종일