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Since its founding in 1972, Samyang Chemical has made significant contributions to the buildup of the Republic of Korea’s (ROK) military forces specifically in the chemical, biological, and radiological (CBR) protection field; ammunition field; and camouflage net field.

The CBR protection field started with the decontamination business in the earlier years and then individual and collective protection equipment developed. In recent years, Samyang has been expanding its capability into the detection, identification, and alarm systems to enhance survivability in the future CBR battlefield and preserve combat power.
In the ammunition field, Samyang developed visible ray and infrared light flares, multispectral smoke projectile, and electronic warfare (EW) ammunition. Lately it has focused on the development of EW ammunition and thermobaric ammunition to enable the ROK armed forces to effectively respond to the requirements in the future battlefield.

In the camouflage net field, Samyang has developed and manufactured multispectral camouflage screen that enables screening from visible ray, infrared light, and radar simultaneously. It has recently developed a motion camouflage system for people and equipment, as well as personal and equipment and selective identification feature system using electroless plating fiber.

With aggressive investment, continuous research development, and talent-oriented management, Sam yang Chemical pledges to contribute to the enhancement of the military buildup of ROK’s armed forces through developing and manufacturing competitive defense products in Korea and overseas. Samyang is committed to becoming a leading company that protects peace and happiness, which are universal human values.

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  • NBC protectionNBC Detection, Identification & Protection Equipment, Antidote & Decontaminant
  • AmmunitionSmoke Ammunition,WP Smoke, Incendiary Ammunition, Illumination/Signal Flare, Anti-Missile Countermeasure
  • Camouflage SystemMulti-Spectral Camouflage System
  • Other Air Purification Filter


Samyang Ceratech Co., Ltd. has been equipped with the highest technology power in Korea since its establishment in 2000 in the sectors of cutting edge materials, high temperature, high pressure equipment, and high vacuum equipment. All the executives and employees are always devoting themselves while putting values in the self-regulating responsibility and passionate challenge for technology development, and the technology of devotion which is always thought from the position of customers, and in future also they will develop the best quality product which bears comparison not only in domestic market but also in world markets through unsparing investment for technology development and endless research.
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INNO-BIZ, ISO9001, ISO14001, CE(Certificate), KCS
For armor materials
  • 장비 - 열간 가압 소결로, 냉간 등방압 성형기, 가스 가압 소결로, 진공 소결로
  • 소재 - BN, B4C, SC


Zeobuiler Co., Ltd. Has, since its foundation in 1988 as the first zeolite producer in Korea as a result of the collaborative development of manufacturing technologies with Korea Research Institute of Chemical Technology, been producing approximately 36,000 tons of dust & slurry type zeolite every year, when are sold in the local or foreign markets. The key uses of zeolite are as detergent reinforcement, ion exchanger, desiccant, and deodorizer. The company is producing high quality and environment-friendly products that meet the customers expectations based on the cutting-edge test equipment and top-class technology that it developed over 20 years of relentless investment in research and quality improvement, will keep developing top-quality products to compete in the global market by decisive investment in R&D.
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Samyang Fine Chemicals Co., Ltd. is a company which develops and produces fine chemical products, and it will be grown up as a company that will create innovative future in the field of polymer, raw material medicine and electronic materials.

Samyang Fine Chemicals Co., Ltd. is a specialized producer of liquid polymer and raw material medicine which was newly established in 2014 by dividing the business fields of polymer and fine chemicals out of the business fields of Samyang Chemicals Co., Ltd., and it manufactures and sells fine chemical products of high added value while having excellent technical manpower, optimum production facility suitable for the production of small amounts with many product kinds, and various utilities.

It produces HTPB which is used as a core raw material in the manufacture of guided weapon propellant and lighting agent in the field of defense industry and various kinds of binder based on the polymerization and refinement technologies under the conditions of high pressure and high vacuum, which has been accumulated for more than 20 years in the field of polymer products, of which excellent quality is acknowledged not only in Korea but also in overseas markets through the export.

In the field of raw material medicine in Korea, it plays an important role in the development of basic medicine field by producing chirality chemical products used as a raw material of antibiotic and raw materials of medicine for stomach ulcer and brain memory accelerant and by selling not only to domestic pharmaceutical firms but also to overseas markets, and is growing up as a specialized fine chemical products company by expanding the business area into the field of electronic materials industry of production of film plasticizer for LED and secondary cell raw material etc. through the continuous research and development.

Samyang Fine Chemicals Co., Ltd. is strengthening the competitiveness of current core business and positively making efforts to develop new business field through innovation, and is a sincere company which makes the best efforts to be grown up as a human resources oriented eco-friendly top chemical company based on the management philosophy of "Diligence, Creativity and Human Harmony".

[Main Products]
  • Polymer
    HTPB(Hydroxyl Terminated Polybutadiene)
  • Pharmaceutical Intermediates
  • Electronic Materials
    BDP(4-Biphenyl diphenyl phosphate), Film Plasticizer
  • 125 Hoehyun 1 gil, Yangsan, Gyeongnam, KOREA
  • Tel. 055 370 6880, FAX 055 370 6889

㈜삼양화학 Samyang Chemical Inc.

Samyang Chemical Inc. specializes in design, construction and operation of Demil Facility in Korea. The profile of Demil Division is the following.

Samyang Chemical Inc. specializes in design, construction and operation of Demil Facility in Korea.
The profile of Demil Division is the following.

  • Designed and constructed Special Munitions Demil Facility (SMDF) in 1999
  • Trial run and system modification of SMDF in 2000
  • Successful disposal of Special Weapons stockpile in this country at SMDF for 7 years
  • Designed and constructed ROK-U.S. Combined Demilitarization Facility (DEFAC) at Hwang-gan
    Under funding from the ROK Ministry of National Defense since 1999.
    This is one of the world class closed demilitarization facilities which can be used for the environment friendly disposal of
    different categories of conventional munitions.